myComply Sets New Standard for Verifying

Safety Certifications on Construction Sites


Now integrated with Procore, myComply reduces the complexities

of OSHA compliance for general contractors and sub-trades


SASKATOON – May 10, 2018 – Timed with Construction Safety Week 2018, myComply today announced its flagship solution that helps to reduce risk on construction job sites by making it easy for general contractors to verify that all trade contractors on site at a construction project are properly trained and safety certifications are current.


“Tracking and managing safety certifications in the construction industry is a challenging exercise that requires considerable time and paperwork, not to mention the complexity of working with multiple sub-contractors across different job sites,” said Joe Hogan, Vice President, Association of General Contractors, New York State. “In addition, new work site safety regulations are now in place in New York City, with large penalties for non-compliance, fueling demand for more efficient, effective, and reliable ways to ensure all safety training requirements are met.”


The myComply solution uses mobile technology and a cloud-based service to centrally manage and verify safety certification and training requirements, while enabling project permit holders to easily access the necessary information for all workers on a job site. In addition, myComply is now fully integrated with Procore, the cloud-based platform used by construction professionals to manage risk and build quality projects, thus delivering a simple and integrated compliance solution without adding any costs to a project’s safety budget. Designed specifically for the construction industry, myComply also works offline, ensuring it can be used in remote locations that may not have access to cellular service.


“The myComply solution provides instant visibility into worker training that is so crucial in our industry,” said Laura Paciano, Senior Manager, Partner Marketing at Procore. “Before someone steps on your job site, it's imperative to know that they have the proper training and qualifications to perform the job safely and effectively.”


“Job site safety requires the right set of safety tools. At myComply, we’ve developed a solution that provides much needed transparency around the training and safety certifications for every worker on a construction project,” said Lee Evans, co-Founder and CEO of myComply. “Plus, with our Procore integration, users not only have much greater oversight of their construction teams, they will also get access to critical information while continuing to use the Procore platform that they have grown accustomed to.”


New York City Implements New Regulations Addressed by myComply

On March 1st, New York City beefed up its safety requirements for construction workers in light of rising accidents on construction sites, and enacted Local Law 196. Currently, this legislation requires that all workers on certain jobs have at least ten hours of safety training (the OSHA 10 Hour). The City is phasing in the full requirements of the law over the next 14 months, and other cities and jurisdictions are expected to adopt similar safety training legislation in coming months.


“The ability to track safety certifications through myComply streamlines and simplifies regulatory compliance for those responsible for the safety of workers on job sites,” said Hogan. “Project managers can now easily check that every worker on a job site has all the required safety and training qualifications – including OSHA 10.”


About MyComply

Saskatoon-based myComply provides mobile and online technology solutions that are setting a new standard for how training certifications are managed and verified on construction sites. Developed in collaboration with the construction industry to ensure compliance with training and safety regulations, the company’s flagship myComply solution enables general contractors, sub-trades, and other construction site workers to electronically store, manage, and verify training certifications without adding costs to safety budgets. Integrated with world-class platforms such as Procore, myComply makes it easy and efficient for permit holders, project managers, and workers on job sites to share and access proof of safety training across all projects to minimize compliance gaps. myComply is a member of the Association of General Contractors of New York State (AGC NS). Additional information is available at


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