Frequently Asked Questions

Does myComply provide support?

Yes, please contact or call 1(877)583-9303 for any support requests

Can I search for specific employee training?

Yes, we have provided a filter system to search for any type(s) of data from the profiles in place. This can be used to place specialized work forces, indicate what training may be required to complete training of a person or group for job placement, provide a list of training requirements by certification type, job requirement, location or date.

Can I use the data from myComply for other areas within my business?

Yes - We have included a simple export to excel feature that can be allocated to any other area that you could use the information you are tracking

How does myComply make money?

myComply does not charge contractors for the use of its platform.  Our philosophy is to provide companies with a better, free way to verify workers are properly trained and if not, they will be able to find training either online or in-person through the myComply Training Marketplace (coming soon).  We charge trainers a referral fee but do not add any cost to the companies or workers booking training.

How do I make someone else a Company Admin?

On your company page, find the section to the right called "Administration" and click on "Permissions". Click on the "Role" of the person you want to change and switch it to Company Admin. You can also switch it to Company View.

What are the 3 permission levels for company users?

Personal - Used for most employees. Allows them to view and edit their own personal certifications, but unable to view the company page and edit the company page.

Company View - Allows user to view and edit own personal certifications and view the company page, but not edit the company page.

Company Admin - The person who created their company on myComply will automatically become a Company Admin. They are able to view and edit their personal certifications and also view and edit the company page.

How do I link my employees to their profile to access their training through the myComply Worker App?

When creating a new employee on your company tab, adding their email address will automatically invite them to link to their profile and manage their own training alongside your company administrator.  They will only have access to their own information unless another administrator makes them an administrator for the company.

Can I add an employee without their email linked to their profile?

Yes, you can. but that employee will not be able to access their profile to view or edit their certifications. If asked by a safety officer to provide proof of their certifications, someone in the company that has Company Admin or Company View permission will have to present the employee's certification to the safety officer.

Can I create a comprehensive training log for a project including all Subcontractor workers on the project?

Yes, this is possible! On the "My Projects" tab, click "Create Project". Follow the project setup wizard and your project is ready to go. Now invite your Subcontractors via the "Invite To Project" button near the top of the screen. We're here to give all Subcontractors the same level of service as General Contractors, so reach out with questions at any time!

As a general contractor, how do I attach documents to a project to be filled out by the subcontractors on the project and sent back?

On the relevant project, click "Edit" under the project banner and click "Add Attachment" under "Project Documents". Add this document to the "Company Document Requirements" for the project if you'd like your subcontractors to submit the completed document through myComply.

The general contractor is asking to send multiple copies of one document on the project page, how do I do this?

Save all of the copies of the document in a zipped folder and click "Upload+Send" on the "Required Documents" area under the relevant project. To create a zipped folder, right click in a blank space in the folder you are storing the documents, hover over New and click Compressed (zipped) Folder.

As a subcontractor, how do I send my company's certification information to general contractors not currently using myComply?

Beside the "Employees" section you will see a few buttons, click on PDF or Email, check off the employees you will be sending to the project and the relevant certifications they have and send it to the General Contractor for that project.

I've seen some subcontractors with the myComply Certified Contractor logo, how do I get that?

Email and we will help you get set up with the logo!

How do subcontractors use the myComply Certified Contractor logo?

We've seen our subcontractor users use the logo in the following ways, but feel free to get creative and use it however you would like!

Contract Proposal

Email signature

On their company website

Included on business cards

Included on other marketing materials


What happens if I sign in using Procore and create my company page?

You will be taken into the Procore setup wizard which will take you through a few steps.

Step 1: Import your company employees from Procore – these employees will be sent an invite to join myComply

Step 2: Select and import a project from Procore

Step 3: Select and import the Subcontractors from the project you are importing

Step 4: Select another project and repeat Step 2 and 3 for as many projects as you would like


I finished the initial Procore setup but want to add more projects from Procore. How do I do that?

On the My Companies tab, click Import Project on the Procore banner and choose which project(s) you would like to import.


What does “Manage Settings” on the Procore banner allow me to do?

This allows you to import your company employees if you didn’t do so during the initial Procore setup wizard, choose which projects and Subcontractors you want showing in the My Projects tab and manually sync any changes made from Procore.


How often does myComply sync information from Procore to myComply?

Every hour on the hour.